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The Town of Bridge Creek is located in eastern Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. 

Bridge Creek includes large and small farms, several local businesses located just outside of Augusta, some beautiful scenic places such Coon Fork Campground, Harstad Park, Lake Eau Claire and the Wisconsin State Wildlife Recreations Area.  The Town of Bridge Creek boundaries encompass the School Districts of Augusta and Osseo-Fairchild.

The recreation area is public land open to a full range of uses for everyone - it is a place to hunt, photograph and watch wildlife, fish, trap, hike, and pick berries. There are ATV and snowmobile trails in and outside of the area.

Mailing address:
Town of Bridge Creek
P. O. Box 464
Augusta, WI 54722

Find some history of Bridge Creek here.  

Excerpts from above website: 

In the early days ere history was written, the water of Bridge creek babbled on to the sea. It is not even written how long it had babbled when men and women came to make the country through which it flowed fit for their habitation. Geologists have told us that it marks the southern extremity of the vast area of that first formation that arose out of the chaos of the waters that covered the earth ere the sun or the moon obeyed the creative behest: "Let there be light." But whatever the geologists may tell us, or whatever the philosophers may reveal unto us is not of particular interest to us just now, and was of much less interest to those sturdy pioneers who came to establish a civilization and realize the fruition of a bountiful promise.

When Eau Claire county was organized by an act of the legislature in 1856, there were but few settlers in the eastern part thereof. Probably the first settler was Andrew Thompson, who came, it is said, in 1854, and settled and built a house on what was later Henry Brown's pasture in Otter creek. The valley was named Thompson valley. If he came in 1854, he was here at least a year, perhaps more, before the coming of others. In 1856 when the county was organized, Charles Hale, L. D. McCauley and J. A. Bride had settled in what has since been known as Scott's valley; Lorenzo and William Bennett and Charles and Scribner Chadbourne had located in Thompson valley; George Diamond had settled on the Diamond farm in Diamond valley, and a little bunch of pioneers, James Woodbury, E. L. Hull, William Young and perhaps a few more, had settled near where the village of Augusta was soon to be. These, together with the first settlers in Augusta, Charles Buckman, S. E. Bills, John F. Stone and a few more, constituted at that time the population of the town of Bridge Creek.

See more details on website:  http://www.augustawi.com/history-new/augusta-wi-history-bridgecreek.html


More information here on Bridge over Bridge Creek


If you are stopped for more than 10 minutes on Couty Highway M or County Highway G, call the Railroad Customer Service:  1-800-848-8715, push PROMPT #4.  This number is also posted by the tracks and below it is a crossing number that you also need to provide.  It is best if you can call immediately if you are sitting there.  If not, call as soon as possible and file a complaint.  Also please file a copy of the complaint with the date and time of the incident as well as when it was called in so that we can keep track of the complaints.  s/Patti Warner


Notice: No more blasting from now through the winter months or until further notice.
Kathy Olson, Clerk

Monthly Meetings:
3rd Thursday at 7:30 PM

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Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

updated: 01/05/18

The Bridge Creek Town Hall is located at:
S9515 State Road 27, A
ugusta, WI