Bridge Creek Charters New Land Use Committee

Bridge Creek Chairman Jeff Gerike has announced the formation of a new township committee to aid the Town Board in its efforts to review nonmetallic mining applications and other land conservation issues. 

The new five (5) member Mining and Land Conservation Committee is made up of three (3) residents of Bridge Creek Township appointed by the Town Board and two (2) Board Supervisors. Current members are Town Supervisors Lynn Norheim and Dean Solie and residents Fred Poss, Tom Peterson and Vaughn Nagahashi.

The Mining and Land Conservation Committee is tasked with providing recommendations and relevant information to the Board.   The Committee’s Charter sets forth specific purposes that may include but are not limited to the following responsibilities:

Gerike also reminds town residents that they may contact him or other Town Board Supervisors with any issues, concerns or complaints that they may have with industrial sand mining operations within the Township.  When contacting board supervisors, residents are urged to have factual information available as this will be helpful in determining what, if any, actions may be taken by the Town Board. 

Bridge Creek Board Members are:


High Country Sand LLC Non Metallic Mine Operator’s License

Bridge Creek Sand Mine and/or Processing Incident Report


High Country Sand LLC Non Metallic Mine Operator’s License - Part #2

Monthly Meetings:
3rd Thursday at 7:30 PM

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Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

updated: 05/22/17

The Bridge Creek Town Hall is located at:
S9515 State Road 27, A
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